Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and fitness level has never been easier. The emergence of modern tech gadgets designed to improve health has revolutionized the way we keep ourselves fit. Whether you’re a fitness addict or a just a regular health-conscious person, you should look into these health-related devices to complement your exercise and/or health regimen. Here are three tech gadgets of 2019 geared to monitor and improve your overall health.

BeWellConnect MyTens

This device can relieve your muscle pains and discomforts if you ever feel like you sore and fatigued on certain areas. If you are doing extraneous physical activities, you can also use this to avoid the development of muscle fatigue.

BeWellConnect Mytens is a device that is composed of two electrode pads that you attach to any part of your body. The pads deliver electrical stimulations to the aching muscle, thereby minimizing the feeling of pain. It wirelessly communicates with your smartphone via an app. Using the app, you can control the function of the electrodes; 19 pre-built settings are available.

Halo Smart Headphones

This headphone is designed to improve the brain’s neuroplasticity – the ability of the brain to produce new neural connections. Neuroplasticity allows the brain to send signals to the body to effectively deal with injuries and/or diseases. It also helps to fine-tune your responses to training activities and exercises. As an effect of improved neuroplasticity, this device allows us to speed up the process of learning a new skill and improve the efficiency of our movement,

Withings Thermo

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been making our lives so much easier. Now, almost all smart device can be connected to the internet. And Withings has delved into this foray as well with its smart thermometer, the Withings Thermo. A smart thermometer is something you might think as unnecessary because its traditional counterpart is already portable and easy enough to use. But you’ll be amazed by how convenient this device can become. This smart thermometer allows you to keep track of your fever. It accurately measures your temperature which it sends to the Withings app installed in your phone. The good thing about this is you’ll have a thorough record of your body temperature over time. If you are someone who falls ill constantly, the records could provide insights on your fever pattern.