LLG Events CEO Lauren Grech stressed that investors have nothing to do with the success of a business; instead, it’s the genuine passion.

She said that once you have the heart to do a particular task, you will succeed anytime soon.

However, the CEO admitted that building a business from scratch is a difficult task. But as long as you’ve got the right dose of determination, success is just within your reach.

She even shared her own experience to prove this claim. According to Lauren, right after her wedding (in which she also acted as the organizer), she decided to embrace her passion fully. She is very good at organizing events.

She never contacted other investors to help her out in the budding stage of her event management business. According to her, the support of her husband is more than enough. 

In an interview, Lauren pointed out that by not tapping investors; she got the entire freedom to run her business. 

The following are some of the advantages of running a business without investors, as cited by Lauren.

  1. Complete Control. Since you run the business on your own, you can implement your strategies without asking approval from other people.
  2. Polish Your Skills. If you are running a business without other investors, you are compelled to enhance your expertise. You need to exert effort to improve your management skills; otherwise, your business will suffer.
  3. Tweak. Anytime you feel that there’s something wrong in your company, you can immediately do changes. 
  4. No Pressure. Companies that are managed by several investors usually have problems in unifying decisions. You can avoid this situation once you isolate yourself from other investors.
  5. No Blame Game. If your business fails or succeeds, it’s all credited to you. No need to blame other people.